About Alex Adams

My Story

I have interest in technology from my childhood, though from a very lowly background of poor primary school and later craft secondary school, I was able to read and write properly in my 4th year in the technical college. I was once a street boy with lot of bad memories, I went into polytechnic in 1997 to study Electrical Electronics Engineering and went further to study computer Engineering 1999 after the polytechnics. That was when I discovered the internet in 1999 some months to Y2K compliance. I got enlisted into the Nigerian Navy in 2002 as weapon Electrical but switched over my interest to Automotive Mechatronics. I did four years Automobile Engineering course in the Nigerian Navy Engineering college Sapele and was retained as Automotive Engineering instructor for six years. I build more capacity I further my HND in Electronics Telecommunication Engineering at Petroleum Training Institute Effurun Delta State 2010/2011 and currently as instructor in Automotive mechatronics in AFEME Mechatronics school Abuja from 2017 till date.

Why coaching and Mentorship?

Growth is one of my area of interest and love to see people grow physically, mentally, and economically. Training and mentorship is the major ways to develop mentally and economically. For the past 14 years I have been training and developing youths and aspired entrepreneurs on digital marketing and how to make more income online.

Serving others is my core value…I love to serve, add value to others. My master say “who want to be the greatest among you, must be servant of all” I love to serve even my students. My mentorship class is all about service.

 Sharing is the proof of service. I share knowledge, solution, and experience. We are is the generation of click here to share. We share life, success, and achievement. Some are free and some are with little fee.


Focus is energy! Whatever you focus on will definitely produce result. Focus on happiness,  abundance, solution. My focus is to see my students succeed and all my energy goes in that direction. Focus on good health! Focus on prosperity! Focus on purity! Meditate about it day and night.


Training! The backbone of every development is training and mentorship. Training produces skills and skills generate income. Some of our core training are: digital sales funnel, affiliate marketing, amazon publishing, drop shipping, digital product creation, digital asset & cryptocurrency, Web design, Blogging, Social media marketing, YouTube marketing, sales letters, Email marketing

Feedback & Reviews

Here are some of the reviews and feedback from some of our beneficiaries

“Alex is a straight to the point trainer that made learning as simple as ABC…”

Taofeeq Awoyoola

 Manager at Acme

“I boost my sales and conversion by 900% after Alex Adams digital sales funnel masterclass.”

Angel O Israel

Social Media Manager

“I got my business brand and direction after 3hrs meeting with Alex Adams.”

Augusta Okoye

FitFaaji Fitness centre

What Can I Do for You?

Are you looking at starting or growing your online business or career?.

I’m a public speaker that has 13 years experience is digital marketing development

I have thousand of online entrepreneurs achieve success using internet technology as a leverage. Success is majorly having a mentor in your desired field of endeavour. 

I’ve worked with top industry leaders in IT, ICT, and digital marketing and very ready to share with you.

To expand your success story on achieving your goals and making more income online you contact me below.

I can help you to build your online career as fast as possible following my courses or one on one mentorship

Feel free to join our success story team as we move you fast to the next level.

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