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Mentoring is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills the learners can learn from mentors, but also  mentoring provides the mentees professional socialization and personal support to facilitate their success in their selected field and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances your chances for success.

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What I Do

It is my passion to add value to humanity. I therefore; coach, mentor, speak and write.

I Coach.

My coaching and consulting is very effective and result oriented using classroom methodology, internet channels, social media, and one-on-one mentoring to impact my learners…

I Speak.

I have more than 15years experience as a motivational speaker and success coach in conferences, seminars, churches, and social gatherings. People say ”one word from Alex is enough”. You can’t afford to miss our next seminar…

I Write.

As a witty writer, I became an expert author with ezinearticles in 2008 and have written for many publishing companies. I have free eBooks online helping newbies and other books on amazon for traders….

Need Advice?

For any business consultation and advice, Alex Adams is a call away.

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My e-Books & Courses

You can jump start your online business career by picking any of our courses on digital assets and digital marketing…


“ I was able to create e-Commerce website with a digital sales funnel within few hours using Alex Adams training model on digital sales funnel. He is one of the best digital marketing coach”

Angel O Israel

My Story

I have interest in technology from my childhood. though from a very lowly background of poor primary school and later craft school, I was able to read and write properly in my 4th year in the technical college. I was once a street boy with lot of bad memories, I went into polytechnic in 1997 to study Electrical Electronics Engineering and went further to study computer Engineering 1999 after the polytechnics. That was when I discovered the internet in 1999 some months to Y2K compliance. I got enlisted into the Nigerian Navy in 2002 as weapon Electrical but switched over my interest to Automotive Mechatronics and currently as instructor in Automotive mechatronics in AFEME Mechatronics school.

Outside my military career, I have mentored over 200 people on digital entrepreneurship and how to make a living using internet as a leverage. I have this plan to add value to humanity and share my experience and knowledge to improve my learners standard of living….